About Dorsey CPA

Dorsey CPA offers the expert tax planning techniques that only a Certified Tax Coach can provide. With our unparalleled training and experience, we have the ability to uncover hidden deductions and tax credits that will significantly reduce your taxes. We diligently create personalized tax plans to significantly reduce tax liabilities and protect income for highly successful business owners, doctors, dentists, and high net worth families.

Powerful Tax Reduction Strategies

We are more than accountants, we are highly-educated tax advisors. With our effective, legal, and ethical tax reduction strategies, our clients pay the lowest amount of tax required by state and federal standards. Call Dorsey CPA at 404 459-4174 to schedule your free consultation today and learn how we can reduce your taxes. As a thank you gift for scheduling a free consultation, we'll provide a copy of The Great Tax Escape*.

*The free book offer is limited to successful business owners who fit our target audience.

Marcus L. Dorsey, CPA, MTX

Marcus L. Dorsey, CPA is the principal of Dorsey CPA, a specialty public accounting firm committed to providing quality, affordable finance and accounting expertise to Georgia's small and mid-sized firms. To the firm, Marcus brings nearly 18 years of experience in corporate accounting in a variety of industries including media, retail, restaurant franchising, medical, and insurance.

Marcus blends business acumen with his solid grasp of financial best practices to provide thoughtful and valuable solutions to his clients in matters ranging from bookkeeping and corporate taxes to budgeting and financial reporting.

Prior to founding Dorsey CPA, Marcus held several roles in accounting and financial consulting. Marcus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a Masters in Taxation from Georgia State University.